University of Virginia VIII
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UVa Panorama B&Law Sch Chapel&Hosp Gardens

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Rotunda, UVa(U400BW)
Rotunda & W.Lawn(U411BW)
Rotunda, UVa(U401BW)
Rotunda, UVa(U402BW)
Rotunda View, UVa.(U414BW)
Rotunda, UVa(U404BW)
Rotunda, UVa(U405BW)
Rotunda, UVa.(U406BW)
Rotunda view of Lawn(U412BW)
Fraternity Row, UVa.(U407BW)
Garden P5, UVa.(U415BW)
Pavilions I&III, UVa.(U408BW)
Rotunda & Honor Men Poem(U413H)
R & Honor Man Poem(U413HBW)
Brooks Hall, UVa(U403BW)
Rotunda View(U417BW)
T. Jefferson, UVa.(U416BW)
Rotunda, UVa.(U410BW)

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