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Jack Cacciatore photography brings out the beauty of the University of Virginia and surrounding area. Jack Cacciatore photos highlight the architectural accomplishments of Thomas Jefferson and his beautiful University, whether you are a tourist visiting the area or looking for the perfect

gift for graduation

. Scott stadium, serpentine walls, the rotunda and more are all vividly portrayed in the photographs on these pages.



University of Virginia I
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UVa Panorama B&Law Sch Chapel&Hosp Gardens

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The University of Virginia (U199)
Comet Hale-Bopp, UVa (U102)
University of Virginia (U249)
Garden Gate (U101)
Serpentine Wall(U103)
West Lawn, UVa.(U162)
Rotunda, U of Virginia(U310)
Rotunda - U186
Rotunda - U107
Rotunda, UVa.(U291)
Rotunda, UVa.(U119)
Rotunda, UVa(U158)
Rotunda, UVa.(U122)
Rotunda, UVa.(U182)
Rotunda, UVa.(U112)
Garden P1, UVa.(U259)
Scott Stadium, UVa(U152)
2003 opener(Duke)
Chapel, University of Virginia(U300)
Darden Business School, UVa.(U179)
The University of Virginia(U316A)
Rotunda view of Lawn(U312A)
Rotunda view of Lawn(U322A)
University of Virginia(U297A)
View from Rotunda, UVa.(U294A)


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Darden Business School

School of Law

UVa. Chapel


UVa. in the Snow

Black & White

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